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What Our Clients Say

Vickie Rigoulot's rabbit Julian the morning after surgery with Project PetSnip

Vickie Rigoulot  |  Miami, Florida


"Julian the morning after surgery. I'm glad I chose to drive an hour to Dr. Kramer and Eliana for my boy's neuter. They are the best! Organized, professional, knowledgeable and affordable. They are low cost, but do not do a substandard job. I appreciate the service they do. My bunny was feeling perky the very next morning. I was happy he was put on pain meds for 3 days after. Keep up the great work Project PetSnip!"

Liz Medina's uppy Junior happy two weeks after surgery with Project PetSnip

Liz Medina  |  Miami, Florida


"Today Junior completes his 2nd week of being neutered, and I want to thank Project Petsnip crew Eliana and Dr Kramer his surgery was a success. Junior had no complication whatsoever for these past 2 weeks thank you once again I'm a grateful mommy."

Jamie Robinson from Jamie's Rescue thanks Project PetSnip
Oyone Montes's dog Angie happy after surgery with Project PetSnip
David Elvira's rabbits Milo and Lester happy after surgery with Project PetSnip
Charelle Burgess from This is the Dog! thanks Project PetSnip

Jamie Robinson, Jamie's Rescue  |  Miami, Florida  


"I run a rescue in North Miami called Jamie's Rescue. We rescue puppies off the streets and in dumpsters all over Miami. I do not adopt them out unless they are spayed and neutered. I have been bringing my puppies to Dr. Kramer through Project PetSnip. Dr. Kramer does the puppies for me as early as two months. I understand that he specializes in young puppies. It has been an amazing experience for me and for my puppies. Eliana Ardila is the most efficient and organized person I have ever met. Everything runs so smoothly. The morning after my puppies have been spayed and neutered they are playful and eating. You would never know that the day before these puppies had gone under anesthesia. Most vets tell me not to feed the puppies before surgery. Dr. Kramer and his team insist on the puppies eating. He is so far advanced in his techniques. I am so happy with my experience. Thank you Project PetSnip!" 

Oyone Montes  |  Miami,  Florida 


Angie's owner shared her PetSnip experience from earlier this week. We successfully spayed her >10 year old dog, Angie, who had a history of large ovarian cysts.

"I never thought it would be this easy to spay my dog, just one phone call and it was done. Amazing job! Angie was actually running the next day and happy, doing things she usually wasn't doing. I would like to thank you for going above and beyond on Angie's surgery. This surgery made a change in her life. Not only the spaying but the removal of the ovarian cysts. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Thank you PetSnip, Doctors and Staff. God bless your hands and heart." 

David Elvira, Milo and Lester  |  Miami, Florida


Early Christmas gift for our baby bunny Lester a.k.a Mr. Moo Moo Cow. He's getting neutered today. His big brother Milo was neutered 4 yrs ago by Dr. Kramer & now it's his turn. We are extremely grateful to be able to receive his service again since we couldn't trust anyone else. A heartfelt "Thank You" to Project PetSnip, Dr. Kramer & Eliana for making the process as easy & wonderful as possible. You've touched our lives & the lives of our beloved pets in so many ways. 
Thank You,


Charelle Burgess, This is the Dog!  |  Homestead, Florida  


"The Homestead community is very lucky to have the services of Project PetSnip. We are able to help get pet owners much needed low-cost spay and neuter services of the best quality. Being in a partnership with Project PetSnip has been such a relief because we know that clients sent to PPS get a great service at a great price as well as follow up advice and additional care as needed. Dr. Kramer and Eliana treat all the animals with great care and concern and have an amazing safety record with their animals. Keep up the good work because the pets of Homestead sure need you!"

Laney Silver from Caring About The Cats (C.A.T.S.) thanks Project PetSnip

Laney Silver, Caring About The Cats (C.A.T.S.)  |  Miami, Florida  


"As a hands-on director of an animal rescue group, I have worked with Dr. Marc Kramer at different venues over the years. I find Dr. Kramer's standards to be the highest of any vet I have worked with. This, coupled with his compassion and consideration for the animals he handles is unparalleled in my experience. I look forward to any opportunity to work with Dr Kramer and Project PetSnip."

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