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SFVET Program



Thanks to the MDAS-SFVF Partnership Program, we now offer FREE spay and neuter services for Community Cats! There are no limits to the number of cats presented and no income-qualification. These services are available for any neighborhood, stray, feral, or unowned cat in Miami-Dade County. A left ear-tip is mandatory for this program and a free rabies vaccine is included for cats 3 months of age and older. Anyone presenting a cat must provide ID and complete paperwork as "the presenter". This will not obligate them as an "owner" in any way. The individual presenting a community cat is not responsible for future compliance with rabies vaccination or any other care.



This special program was expressly created to provide low-income households with the means to spay and neuter their pets at low cost. There is a $10 co-payment for cats and a $20 co-payment for dogs.

Which pet owners are eligible?


Low-income pet owners who can prove they receive benefits from one of the following:


  • Food Stamps

  • Medicaid (NOT Medicare)

  • Supplemental Security Income (NOT Social Security)

  • Jackson Memorial Clinic Care Card

  • Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF)


In each case, the eligible owner must provide a copy of the ACTUAL LETTER stating that they are entitled to the above benefits, which must show that the dates of benefits are active at the time of the pet's surgery. No "smart cards" will be acceptable as valid proof.


A photocopy of a valid ID (i.e. Driver License) must also be provided at the time of surgery.


Note: Letters for Food Stamps & Medicaid can be printed from the Access Florida website.



Are animal rescues eligible?


YES. The animal must be under the care of a rescue organization who is a registered partner of Miami-Dade County Animal Services.


Each qualified rescue organization is entitled up to 25 animals under this program.


A published list of currently eligible animal rescues can be found HERE.

What is the co-payment?


Eligible pet owners and animal rescues must provide a co-payment for spay or neuter surgery as follows:


Cats: $10

Dogs: $20


This price is all-inclusive and covers a brief physical exam, anesthesia, spay/neuter surgery, pain medication and antibiotic.


Optional services such as vaccines, microchips, nail trims, parasite treatment, and rabies tags may be provided at an additional low cost at time of surgery.


Click here for the prices of additional services.


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