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Community Outreach


What does Project PetSnip's veterinary team do when we're not spaying and neutering pets in South Florida? Well, we help spay and neuter pets in OTHER places of course! We also help with veterinary care of various animal species, including birds, reptiles, exotic mammals, rescue animals, and more. Moreover, we are active in the animal shelter and animal welfare communities, lending our time and expertise to animals and communities in need. Below are just a few examples.

Project PetSnip in Jamaica: Working with International Spay-Neuter Network

Veterinarian Dr. Marc Kramer & Vet Technician Eliana Ardila volunteer their time and surgical expertise in Jamaica, improving the lives of animals and people there through cost-effective spay/neuter, veterinary care, and humane education. Have a peek at this moving 2-minute video where we make a cameo appearance working with the International Spay-Neuter Network.

Helping Animals in Latin America

Our influence has crossed the border into Central and South America where we have aided animals in desperate situations. From spaying and neutering to offering a meal and medicine to a homeless dog or cat, we feel that saving one animal may not change the world, but it will surely change the world for that one animal.


Left: Eliana de-worming, feeding, and befriending dogs in Trinidad

Right: Dr. Kramer evaluates a dog for spay surgery in Colombia

Volunteering with Sea Otter Surgery in Alaska

An otterly challenging adventure you might say. We joined a team from the US Fish & Wildlife Service on a research vessel off the coast of Southeast Alaska. Our mission: capture 35 live sea otters and outfit them with surgically implanted radio transmitters. Easier said than done. But after two weeks of trials and tribulations at sea, we caught our quota of otters, performed anesthesia, sample collection, and abdominal surgery, and released them happily back into their salty aquatic world. We have returned to Alaska multiple times to help research diseases of sea otters.

Helping Fundraise for Animal Rescues in South Florida

Supporting our local animal rescues has been a way of giving back to these wonderful humane organizations. These groups play a big part in the community but are constantly in need of funding to continue their work. Project PetSnip's Eliana Ardila has completed multiple running races, from 5K's to full marathons, to fundraise for various not-for-profits that advocate for the animals.

Partnering with other Humane Organizations in South Florida

Eliana Ardila, Charelle Burgess (This Is The Dog), and Dr. Marc Kramer pictured on the "MAC", or Mobile Animal Clinic. Here we have worked thousands of hours to spay and neuter dogs and cats through Miami-Dade County Animal Services.

From 2007 to 2012, Dr. Kramer and Eliana directed the Miami Meow Mobile, a spay/neuter mobile clinic for cats, sterilizing over 10,000 felines all over Miami-Dade County.

Dr. Kramer & Eliana have worked alongside several prominent humane organizations in South Florida, helping to increase the success of multiple spay and neuter programs. We make a concerted effort to network with animal rescues and shelters for the benefit of pets and their owners alike. Through these programs, we have personally helped to spay and neuter over 30,000 pets and have saved countless numbers of animal lives.

Project PetSnip at the Cape Florida Bird Banding Station

In betweeen spays and neuters, we set aside time each year for the birds, where we volunteer during fall migration at the Cape Florida Banding Station on Key Biscayne. With an expert team of bird banders, we collect vital research data on hundreds of southbound birds each season using delicate mist nets to capture them. Immediately after the bird is identified to exact species, age, gender, body score, and then banded with a numbered aluminum leg band, they are released back into the skies unharmed. 

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