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Welcome to Project PetSnip!

Until further notice, we are not currently taking appointments.

Providing experienced, caring, and affordable spay and neuter surgery and basic wellness care to dogs, cats, and rabbits in Miami, Florida.


Project PetSnip provides low-cost high-quality spay & neuter surgeries and basic wellness care to dogs, cats, and rabbits in Miami, Florida. We operate out of established veterinary hospitals, ready to provide the safest possible sterilization procedures for our animal friends.

The program was founded by two committed, passionate, and highly experienced animal advocates. The lead veterinarian, Dr. Marc Kramer, has been dedicated to the medical care of dogs, cats, and exotic pets since 1999. Eliana Ardila is the head technician and practice manager; she is not only highly experienced with spay & neuter, but is caring, sympathetic, and dedicated to treating each patient as if it were her own pet. We created Project PetSnip as an affordable spay and neuter resource, focused on your pet's quick recovery and excellent customer service. Our friendly staff is highly trained and professional, answering any questions about spaying and neutering or your pet's well-being.

Your pet’s comfort is our top concern. We take extra measures to ensure the safest anesthetic protocols and quick recovery times. We use specialized surgery equipment and make the smallest possible incisions. Pain blocks are used to reduce pain immediately after surgery. We also have after hours telephone availability for any concerns after your pet's surgery.

A reservation is required in advance to bring pets to Project PetSnip.

To make an appointment, send us an e-mail to or call (305) 387-0721.



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